Global search & analysis


Deep diving into codebases using Augoor’s specialized algorithms is fast and easy. It's like having your own personal search engine for code with advanced filtering options. This seamless code search experience is enhanced with multi-branch and symbols searches.

  Search input Augoor allows to explore using natural language, regular expressions and by symbols.
Multi-branch search for a more streamlined and productive codebase navigation.
Matching results in order of accuracy.
 Filters Repositories, branches, and languages to narrow down searches.
AI-driven code descriptions


Achieve full understanding thanks to our AI-generated documentation. From detailed code explanations to function descriptions and parameter explanations, we've got you covered. Augoor’s generates AI documentation in natural language, code and its documentation are bundled into a single search index which can be explored in your own words or by navigating the code itself. As a result of a search, users will find snippets and AI-generated explanations.

  Parameter explanation each function’s parameters details.
  Code documentation AI-generated function documentation.
 Line by line explains each line of code.
Real-time codemaps


The complexity of big codebases forces teams to focus on understanding the code structure rather than generating increments in the product through new features. Also, devs struggle to navigate and comprehend unhealthy code, spending a lot of time in code analysis and fixing deficiencies. This is a problem for companies paying teams for reading rather than writing code.

Codemap offers graphs of repositories and their dependencies for a quick understanding of code structure, complexity, risks, bottlenecks, overall health, and team dynamics. Therefore companies can accelerate the coding process and better control product quality.

each Repositories' evolution through time and commit history.
by Health, Complexity, Updates and File types
Smart tags to identify components classifications, properties, and interactions.

With Augoor's Codemap feature, anyone from a team access a 360-degree view of the code structure that makes up the product. It enables locating the source and determining the cause of problems at specific points in time, allowing delegating issues. Its core functionalities are:

Therefore, companies can accelerate the coding process and better control product quality
thanks to our code visualization feature.

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